Ultimate List On Mac App Cleaners and Uninstallers 3


Ultimate List On Mac App Cleaners and Uninstallers


One of the simplest methods to uninstall apps on your Mac is to move them to the trash. However, this can level preference files, caches and other files scattered around your Mac. Although this isn’t much of a problem, it does allow you to pick up where you left off when you re-install your app, it is nice to know everything is clear when the app is removed. It also reduces disk space and generally keeps your Mac nice and clean, no point in having a file you don’t use. This expensive list will detail pretty much every Mac app cleaner I can find. There is no order to the list with eleven apps in all, and it contains both free and paid apps. If you have an app that I have missed, please leave a comment.

App Trap

The first app on the list is App Trap, its a free little app that does what every app on this post does. It runs at log in and every time you delete an app it will pick up the deletion an remove any associated files. Not the most complicated or prettiest looking app but it works.

Price: Free

AppTrap is free and does the job of deleting apps from your hard drive.

App Cleaner

Another free app for your operating system, App Cleaner has a drag and drop interface were you clear an app by dragging it onto the app and let it do all of the work in deleting the application files. It looks pretty and works well. It can also clear Widgets and other files system.

Price: Free

A pretty drag and drop interface to get rid of those surplus files.

App Delete

Like App Cleaner, App Delete will get rid of those pesky apps files for you. Drag the app you want to oust onto the icons app and it will find the files associated with it. There are two versions of this app normal and lite. The better version is the normal version as it can delete password protected files, the lite version is only available on the App Store and has some limitations which are imposed by the App Store.

Price: $7.99

Delete apps with App Delete.

Clean Genius

The pro version of Clean Genius is $12.99 however there is a free version, Clean Genius Free, they do very similar things. Although it is designed to clean cache files and other system bits there is an application uninstaller bundled in with it. If you want an app with more features, this kind of app will suit you nicely.

Price: Free or $12.99

More than just an app uninstaller, clean genius can do other things too.


One of the more expensive apps on this list. Amnesia can do more than just delete apps, it can remove Screen Savers, Preference Panes, plugins, log files, application support files all in one simple app package. It is expensive however it does do quite a lot of different things. It also has a backup function which may come in useful.

Price: $19.95

Although expensive, Amnesia does do a lot. Funny name for an app though.

App Zapper

One of the more popular apps for uninstalling applications, App Zapper gets rid of those pesky left over files. App Zapper has been developed over the years and has a ‘hit list’ section which allows you to get rid of many apps at once. It also contains a section in which to store you registration information for various different apps.

Price: $12.95

A popular app, but the extra features that put up the price may not be worth the price.


A rather stylish app that I like the look of. TrashMe, can delete apps, caches, and hidden preferences. Like App Zapper it can also manage and store registration information and even attach related documents. It looks slightly different to other Mac apps, which make it one to consider.

Price: $6.99

A rather different app that can do a lot. I just love the interface design.

App Zap

Not to be confused with App Zapper, App Zap by iLife Touch can zap the apps you want to remove. It features a funky black interface and is designed to be simple. Like most of the apps featured in this list, it deletes apps quickly and simply.

Price: $4.99

Featuring a smooth black interface, App Zap can zap those apps.


Hazel is something slightly different and isn’t really an app removal it is designed to to sort files and folders as you work. One of the features is to remove apps and all of the assoicated files. You wouldn’t buy this app for the app removal feature, but its a nice feature to have installed with it.

Price: $25

Although not an app uninstaller Hazel has some cool features.

Clean My Mac

Clean My Mac is a Mac cleaning app like Clean Genius, it is designed to get rid of cache files and logs as well as universal binaries. One of the features is to uninstall applications. It can get rid of apps and all of the associated support files. It has a cool interface and can do a lot of different things.

Price: $29.95

Clean My Mac can do a lot. Removing applications is just one of them.

Clean App

The final app on the list is Clean App, like all of the apps on this list it can remove support files for apps. It can also give you a visual view of your disk usage, remove apps that will no longer work on your OS and user a community hive mind to make decisions based on what other people have done.

Price: $14.99

Clean my Mac has lots of features, visual disk usage is one of them.


So there we have it. Plenty of different apps out there it get rid of your apps and all of the support files. If there is an app out there that I have missed, please leave a comment below. Many of these apps do the same thing so its just a case of picking the nicest one or the cheapest price.

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