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Angry Birds Space – Game Review


Angry Birds is probably one of the most popular games for any iOS device. Its pretty popular on the Mac too. Today I am going to review its latest incarnation Angry Birds Space. It takes the fun of Angry Birds and puts it in space, with the added concept of no gravity and even more challenging puzzles. If you enjoy the Angry Birds series, you will certainly enjoy this version.

Birds In Space

With a normal game of Angry Birds, you fling your birds at the pigs in the hopes of defeating them and claiming back the eggs that they stole. However in space, gravity has kindly taken a day off and the parabolic arc which your bird would normally follow doesn’t apply, this means objects will keep flying in a straight line until another force acts upon them. This would probably make the game a little boring, however to spice it up and make even more challenging levels, there are certain asteroids that have a gravity field. This means there are a variety of orbits and gravitational quirks to get your head around and figure out.

The blue fields dictates where gravity will take hold, outside this objects will fly in a straight line for ever.

Due to the lack of gravity in certain levels, you can attack them from a different perspective. For example, in the image above anything inside the blue field will be influenced under a strong gravity field, meaning they will fall into the centre. This means on some levels you can go both ways around the asteroid to achieve the goal. On certain levels you have to get the orbit correctly for the bird to fly in the right direction, usually into another gravity field.

Due to the lack of gravity you can use this to your advantage. In some levels there is space junk flying around. You can use the birds to knock these pieces out of space and use them to hit your target. The space dimension makes completing some of the levels fun and interesting. You have to think more outside the box than you do with the normal Angry Birds levels.

There are a number of new birds to use.

The levels are well designed, to aid you on your quest there is a number of new birds to help you defeat the pigs. The handy tutorial guides between levels make it simple to pick up how to play the game. Great for new users.

Many levels to have lots of fun with.

Since this game is about space, there are plenty of space theme. Here on the level screen there are asteroids and more pigs, if you click on the pigs they freeze and pop, fun. Within the game there are plenty of levels you to keep you entertained. There is also a lot of replay value as you try and achieve three stars within each level. Some are easy to do, however some levels getting more than one stars is a bit of a challenge.

The Extra Bits

The game doesn’t just have the levels. There is also links to NASA to allow you to learn more about space in general. NASA actually helped with the physics of gravity and orbits which help to the realism and fun.

There are also a number of mini games you can play that appear at certain points within the levels. They are not that common put allow you to earn extra points and do something slightly different and interesting.

A fun mini game, there are many of these in addition to the main levels.

These mini games are fun, and something you can come back to. They are hard to find in the main levels, so you have to keep your eye out for them. There are lots of little easter eggs within the game that you have to find in order to achieve the high score.


I like this game, and most of the other Angry Birds games. There are plenty of levels, the gravity aspect is really fun and makes for some interesting challenges.

If you have a track pad, you may have this game very difficult possibly unplayable. The track pad is very sensitive and almost impossible to aim and click. For some reason it breaks the game, you need to use a mouse to have any control over the sling shot and when you need to click. If you don’t have a mouse don’t bother.

Other than the track pad issue, I found it fun, re-playable and definitely worth the $4.99. You can get it on the App Store.

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