How To Move Your iPhoto Library 0


How To Move Your iPhoto Library


Today is a quick tip about moving your iPhoto library. If you want to move your ever growing library of photos to an external disk, or another internal hard drive it take no time at all. Your Mac is clever enough to work out the change and update the library as needed.

To move your library, first open Finder and locate the iPhoto library. If this is from a default install it will be located in Users > [name] > Pictures. Select the file title ‘iPhoto Library’. Now move this library to its new location. This can be on another disk or any location you choose. Once the file has copied across (which may take a while) double click on it. iPhoto will realise the library has moved when you open the file and will make any necessary changes. Now every time you open up iPhoto it will load your new libary. You can delete the old version if needed.

Its only a simple tip, but one that took me a while to figure out.

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