MacX DVD Ripper Pro – Review and Free Copy 3


MacX DVD Ripper Pro – Review and Free Copy


There are a variety of different DVD rippers available for your Mac. However, one app that tends to be quite popular and full of features is MacX DVD Ripper. Its a DVD ripper and converter all in one, so you can take your favourite movie or video, rip the file out with the app, and then rebuild the video file in a format your want. Since you are such a special reader MacTricksAndTips has been able to get a free copy of the app to every reader who downloads to app from there site.

Don’t Tear, Rip

Ripping disks can be a chore if you don’t have the right software, however MacX DVD Ripper allows you to take the pain out of ripping DVD’s.

Plenty of options to rip and covert that file

When you insert a disk, you click the DVD load button to begin the process. You can also select a DVD ISO if you have a DVD in that format.

The next step is to select the output version. In the screen shot above you can see the different options you can chose. There is a variety of different formats. Within each format there are plenty of options regarding audio quality, video quality, codec and video resolution. There are also inbuilt options to set a size depending on your device. For example if you are going to use the video for your iPhone, select the iPhone tab, the model and the resolution you want to output the video.

The final option is to select the number of CPU cores you want to use, I recommend the number of physical cores you have installed to get the best performance overall. You can also select if you want to deinterlace and force the audio and video to match (useful if you have problems).

After you have set up every setting, press the start button. Once the file has completed the rip process it will be found in your Movies folder. Simple.

Overall the quality is very good and doesn’t take that long to complete. The myriad of options allow you to customise the video to meet the specification you set. Allowing you to rip and compress video. There is also a built in backup option meaning you can clone a DVD using the same simple options.

Free Copy

If you like the sound of MacX DVD Ripper you can get a free copy of the Pro version from the developers for a limited time only. Head over to the giveaway page to receive your free registration code and the option to download the software. The page is valid until the 20th of April, and the code needs to be used by the 30th, with this version there is no option for a free upgrade when they come around. There is no limitation with the app so you can use it the same way as if it was a purchased copy.

Not bad for free. So act fast and download your copy.


To conclude this app does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a little expensive if you paid full price, however if you see yourself ripping DVD’s regularly to use with your iPhone or some other application it would come in handy.

My only drawback of this app is the interface. It looks dated and a bit un-mac like and detracts from the running of the app.

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