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Select Colour Photography with Color Splash Studio App


There are a wide variety of apps out there for modifying photos, you could use something as powerful as Photoshop or something built into your Mac such as Preview. Today’s app is called Color Splash Studio, its a simple app designed to desaturate images and allows your to selectively colour portions of the image, hence the term ‘Select Colour Photography’. This technique allows you to highlight areas of your image and is an interesting way to define focus and create unique images. Although you can do this with a powerful image editor this app allows you to do it simply and quickly, producing really good results.

Desaturate and Colour

The app isn’t designed to do everything under the sun. The main function is to desaturate – make your image black and white – and then give your a ‘brush’ to recolour the image based on the original colours.

A light bit of highlighting of the eyes brings this image to life.

The process is very simple, when you load an image, either from iPhoto or another folder, the image will be turned black and white. You then, using the brush, recolour the image. This allows you to pick out areas of interest, by being selective and highlighting colourful areas you can achieve and interesting effect.

The tools for the colour layer allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast blur as well as the hue and saturation. This means you can alter the colours hue, which means you can easily change something that is blue to red. The gray scale options allow you to change the contrast blur, and the amount of desaturation, so you can bleed in a bit of the original colour. You can also change the desaturation mode to sepia, shades of browns, or bluetone. Each is a different effect.

The tools also allow you to have a mask. In essence allows you to see where you have painted with the ‘colour’ brush. A quick an simple way to ensure you have highlighted only the areas you want. The app also takes advantage of built in track pad controls (and I assume mouse) such as pinch to zoom, this was a nice and unexpected touch.

The Result

Overall I really like the results. The selective colouring allow you to make a focus point on your image and may allow a crowded image have an interesting subject.

The comparison tool allows you to make sure your changes look good.

You can save the image out in a variety of different formats to suit your needs. The app also has an interesting built in share option which allows you to quickly post the image to Facebook, tumblr, flickr, Twitter or what ever social app the kids are using these days. If you are into photography and want to create some interesting images this app seems like a good stepping stone to make them more unique, the added share options make it easy for other people to see your work.


This app works well on it’s own or with other of image editing apps. If you are a regular reader of this site, the same developers also released Snapheal, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. I can easily see the two apps working together.

The app costs $4.99, currently $2.99 since it is on sale. Even at full price this is a bargain. You can find it on the App Store.

With a good selection of original images, and a small amount of time spent on this app you can easily create some smashing images. If you have any comments about this app, please leave one using the form below.

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