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Convert a POP Email Account To IMAP In Mac Mail 4


Convert a POP Email Account To IMAP In Mac Mail

Years ago if you had an email account and you want to download it to your computer, you would use POP to download you email to your Mac. This was all well and good, but then people decided to have more than one device, such as phones, tablets and other computers and wanted to have their email on said device. This presented a problem since POP was a download service, it meant that each device would have one copy of the email and they couldn’t talk to each other. The method of IMAP was developed and has steadily become more popular. This method allows you to manage your email on every device, and each device will update based on the changes made. Every device will have the same email copy. This post is going to tell you how to change your POP based email to IMAP on Mail. Although you could do this with any email client.

Twitter App For Your Mac – App Review 3


Twitter App For Your Mac – App Review

Along time ago I reviewed Tweetie for your Mac, its a Mac app that allows you to post your latest ramblings straight to Twitter and view what other people are saying. In the convening years the app was bought by Twitter and re-released as Twitter For Mac. Although there are many Twitter apps for your Mac, I thought I would revisit the app and see what is new in the app. If you want to follow me and see what my brain deems necessary to share with the world you can find my account over at MacTricksAndTip.

Securely Empty The Trash By Default 1


Securely Empty The Trash By Default

Your Mac has two options when deleting the contents of your Trash bin. The normal method and the secure method. This post will show you how to set Trash to securely delete your files every time. The normal deletion method simply removes the pointers to the file on the index of your drive, the file is still there, your Mac doesn’t realise this and overwrites it as if it was an empty part of your disk, this is why your Mac can delete hundreds, if not thousands, or files in no time at all. The secure method will actually write over the 1’s and 0’s of the file, as a result the file is completely gone and can’t be recovered.

Mimo App Free Usenet Reader For Mac 0


Mimo App Free Usenet Reader For Mac

In the past, in what seems a long time ago, I have written about accessing usenet on your Mac, and a short review on Unison an app designed to allow you access the content on the Usenet network. Today’s post is going to be a review of Mimo, a free app for developed provided by the cool guys over at Giganews, whom I am partnered with. Its a quick, simple way of accessing Usenet without having to pay for another app. I particularly the groups on Usenet as they allow you to access some great conversations, on a variety of niche topics.

Enabling “Focus Follows Mouse” For Terminal 0


Enabling “Focus Follows Mouse” For Terminal

This is quite a difficult term to quantify in a simple title. Basically this post is allows you to type into Terminal when it is not the selected window. For example, if you have a Terminal window open in the background, so another app is selected, when you type it will type in the selected app as expected. This trick will allow you to hover your mouse over the Terminal window, when you type it will type into Terminal and not the selected app. This term is defined as “Focus Follows Mouse”, it is not present on many apps on your Mac, however you can enabled it for Terminal and X11.

Elsewhere App Review – Ambient Nature Sounds To Relax Too 2


Elsewhere App Review – Ambient Nature Sounds To Relax Too

Sometimes a soothing background noise is all it takes to concentrate in a busy room or environment. Although you could search Google or any other search provider to find the background sound you want, you may never find the quality you want, or something that sounds good. Today I am going to give a quick review of Elsewhere, by Eltima whose great apps have appeared on this site a couple of time before. Elsewhere is a cheap menu bar app designed to provide soothing background noises through your speakers.

Disable VLC Subtitles By Default 4


Disable VLC Subtitles By Default

If you play videos in VLC, some video files such as MKV or similar will automatically play subtitle files when the video or movie file starts. This is not normally a problem, however if you are going to play a lot of video files or quickly skipping between video files, having the subtitles automatically can get quite annoying. Although you can disable the subtitles from displaying by going to the menu option, we want a default option that disables the subtitles from playing.

Find the location/source of a Terminal command 1


Find the location/source of a Terminal command

I tend to post quite a lot of Terminal tips. They are useful for adjusting system variables and making changes to your system. They allow you to change things that you would not normally have access to. Sometimes I build and make my own bash scripts, which run in Terminal like a normal command, to get them to run efficiently they are placed in a system folder to allow you to access them by name and not the full path to the scripts location. The problem arises when you forget where the script is located, especially annoying if you want to change it. This command, which is very simple will show you how to find the command you are looking for.

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