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Disable VLC Subtitles By Default


If you play videos in VLC, some video files such as MKV or similar will automatically play subtitle files when the video or movie file starts. This is not normally a problem, however if you are going to play a lot of video files or quickly skipping between video files, having the subtitles automatically can get quite annoying. Although you can disable the subtitles from displaying by going to the menu option, we want a default option that disables the subtitles from playing.

To do this open up VLC and select the preferences under VLC > Preferences. In the options that comes up select the ‘Show All’ button at the bottom of the preference pane. This will give you the option to change many of the options in VLC.

In the menu options on the left hand side, select the Input/Codecs options. From the long list set ‘Subtitles Track ID’ and ‘Subtitles Track’ to zero. As indicated in the image below.

Now when you start VLC the subtitles track will not play. Very useful and a quick way to disable this option within VLC.

If you want to view the subtitles for a video you can re-enable them by going to the Videos > Subtitles track from the menu bar.

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