Elsewhere App Review – Ambient Nature Sounds To Relax Too 2


Elsewhere App Review – Ambient Nature Sounds To Relax Too


Sometimes a soothing background noise is all it takes to concentrate in a busy room or environment. Although you could search Google or any other search provider to find the background sound you want, you may never find the quality you want, or something that sounds good. Today I am going to give a quick review of Elsewhere, by Eltima whose great apps have appeared on this site a couple of time before. Elsewhere is a cheap menu bar app designed to provide soothing background noises through your speakers.

Sit Down And Relax

Elsewhere is a cheap, simple app. It runs from the menu bar and gives you three background ambient sounds; city, forest and beach, each include a day and night option. When you run the app the gentle sounds will play through your speakers.

Select the ambient sounds that suits you the best.

From what I can gather, each setting is built up from multiple sound files. Therefore, as the app plays the sound played is randomly picks the elements that make up each environment. The result of this is a random background sound is that it never repeats. Each environment does sound realistic and is very good. I particularly like the forest environment, with the sound adjusted to the right level using the sound slider it helps create a relaxing environment.

The app will work out which time zone you are in, then as dusk or dawn approaches the app will change its setting from day to night. The sounds are slightly different and help blend in and great the illusion.


Although this app is cheap, I do think it is useful. If you have an office or home that is generally quite, piping this into your speaks will help great a relaxing environment.

You can get this app on the Mac Store for $0.99. So if you don’t like it, you haven’t lost that much. I would like to see more ambient sounds. Just to mix things up a bit.

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