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Mimo App Free Usenet Reader For Mac


In the past, in what seems a long time ago, I have written about accessing usenet on your Mac, and a short review on Unison an app designed to allow you access the content on the Usenet network. Today’s post is going to be a review of Mimo, a free app for developed provided by the cool guys over at Giganews, whom I am partnered with. Its a quick, simple way of accessing Usenet without having to pay for another app. I particularly the groups on Usenet as they allow you to access some great conversations, on a variety of niche topics.


Mimo is available for diamond users of Giganews and its a great way of quickly access Usenet and to begin reading your favourite newsgroups. The app is designed to get you up and running quickly, without the hassle of set up a variety of different settings. When you first launch the app, it asks you for your Giganews login information, once you have entered your details the app will automatically set it’s self up and download the list of newsgroups. No need to manually set up the access url’s and ports as you do with other apps.

The main screen has both a sidebar, listing your favourite newsgroups which you can add to from the main list, a getting started panel and the search bar. You can search the list of newsgroups to find ones that interest you, for example the numerous Mac newsgroups, then add these to the sidebar.

The main screen offers the search bar, and your favourite newsgroups


The search box allows you to search either the whole of Usenet or for binary files. I don’t know how it searches every newsgroup out there (there are a lot), however it seems to work quite well. The binary files search allows you to search for any of the files that are located on newsgroups. This means you can find your favourite TV show, movie or favourite artist on Usenet, listen to them and then discuss them on the relevant newsgroup. The search function is quick and very good.

When using Mimo you will spend most of your time looking a a specific newsgroup and joining in the discussion. The main area of the screen lists the relevant topics that are within a specific newsgroup and the thread that follows. All newsgroups I have tried are easy to follow and quickly load the conversation. The search box at the top of the screen allow you to search within a newsgroup to find specific information, and the slider to load more messages.

The newsgroup view allows you to read and monitor the threads in a topic

One of the best features about Mimo is the tab’s at the top of the screen. This allows you to have open a main search window, the many newsgroups you are interested in and various other tabs such as downloads. The downloads tabs is used to monitor and track the downloads you may be using. Each tab can have a different newsgroup or search window, a quick way to keep track of each newsgroup and the various conversations.


Mimo is a good free app to use Usenet with. If you don’t have a newsgroup reader and want to get access quickly and for free than Mimo is the way to go. Its simple to set up, easy to search both Usenet and the relevant newsgroups, plus any of the binary newsgroups which host a lot of files. The tab access at the top is a bonus. It takes a minute or two to figure out the interface, however the manual helps in what you want to do, plus the splash screen is also a big hint in getting started.

There is a small learning curve and I would have liked to have seen some of the buttons labeled as hovering over them each time to see what they do can get a bit tedious, a refinement of the user interface would make the app easier to use. As well as this when you download an nzb, which may have a collection of files, I would like a way to view each file in an nzb, currently there is no way to do that. Having said that, the app is in beta so I do expect changes to be made.

I did enjoy using Mimo and it is a decent competitor with the various other Usenet newsgroup readers out there. Giganews is a great way to access Usenet. I have the diamond plan which is fast, allows you to download as much as you want, has access to all of the newsgroups on Usenet, comes with Mimo as well as loads of other stuff.

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