Twitter App For Your Mac – App Review 3


Twitter App For Your Mac – App Review


Along time ago I reviewed Tweetie for your Mac, its a Mac app that allows you to post your latest ramblings straight to Twitter and view what other people are saying. In the convening years the app was bought by Twitter and re-released as Twitter For Mac. Although there are many Twitter apps for your Mac, I thought I would revisit the app and see what is new in the app. If you want to follow me and see what my brain deems necessary to share with the world you can find my account over at MacTricksAndTip.

The App

Every Twitter app is essentially the same, you have your main feed that is pulled from Twitter and a variety of buttons to view your mention, direct messages and the ability to tweet. This Twitter client does everything elegantly and has the same basic features as the previous versions of this app. The main panel features the auto updating list of tweets by the people you are following. The scrolling function, and the ability to select a tweet to reply, re-tweet or favourite makes going through potentially thousands of tweets simple. Selecting any user brings up a host of options such as favoriting, quoting, replying viewing user details or unsubscribe.

Twitter for Mac is simple, fun to use and easy to learn.

The left hand bar allows you to switch between the various useful views that you will find yourself regularly use. If you are a serial tweeter this app is feature packed with many useful features. For example the app allows you to open a new window for a user you are following. Great if you are following someone who tweets a lot, or want to ensure you get their latest tweets. The usability of this app means tweeting and getting things done with the app is really simple. I can’t understate how quick it is to use this app and the way it allows you to interact with Twitter. I may even go to say it is more useful than the website.

Feature packed and fun to use.

Some of the more advanced features include multiple accounts. Although I haven’t tried this feature out, if it is similar to the older versions, it will allow you to have more than one account on the app. Viewing multiple accounts and tweeting from different accounts should be simple without the need to log in and out. Actually signing into the app is also simple, and allows you to set up and account from the app itself. You may never even need to visit Twitters website.


If it isn’t apparent from my view this is an app that does everything it says and more. It looks good, has that Mac flare, allows you to use Twitter quickly and easily. The app is intuitive and has a host of features that allow you to interact with Twitter.

The only problem I have with this app is the way it notifies you of new tweets. In the settings you have an option to highlight the menu bar icon, or the dock item, to a new message. This works fine for mentions, yet doesn’t seem to work for tweets. Only slightly annoying, but the one and only flaw I have found with the app.

If you don’t have twitter this app is a great way to get started with the service, I think it is better to use than the website. If you are a regular Twitter user or use another app I certainly recommend you check it out.

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