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Analog App – The Simple Image Alteration App


Altering images quickly and easily using one touch apps are all the rage. Instagram is highly popular for the iPhone and allows you to take a picture, apply a couple of quick filters and send it too your favourite social media service. Today’s app is Analog, and it is like Instagram, where you take an image you have taken (or one from the web) apply a couple of filters and borders and publish the images.

Applying Filters

The workflow for this application is very simple. Drag and drop the image you want to change onto the app. Apply a filter from the large range that is available, maybe a border too, then save the image.

Analog allows you to take any image, make it retro and publish it.

The app has a variety of filters to alter the image, some have a black and white feel some more retro. I particularly like Imagine, which is shown in the image above, also Insta, Lost & Found and Nikolai have a good look to them. Any filter you apply can be scaled with the slider, so if a certain filter doesn’t look quite right you can adjust the impact it has with the slider .

To accompany the large number of filters, there is also a great selection of borders to go with them. These are very useful to frame the picture you are adjusting, the one shown in the image is Fiji Square, although I particularly like Sprocket which gives the impression that the image was taken on traditional (analog) film.

The point of the app is to take a rather dry image you could take with a digital camera, and apply simple filters to make them look a bit more organic. Some of the filters look a bit rubbish and don’t work with every image. However, if you have the right image (a good image is always a good start) and apply a simple filter and tone it down to the right level, you can make a truely good looking image. This app is really useful for individuals who don’t have the required skills, money or time to use photo shop but want an interesting image.


I like the way this app works. It has a simple work flow, the resulting images are good look and it is easy to use. I particularly like the filters it has installed and some of the borders and really funky too. The app also has some good user interface traits, such as going full screen when you press the maximise button.

The only down side I can find with this app, is the lack of batch process. Sometimes it may be useful to batch process a couple of images, and save a bit of time.

You can get this app on the app store for the low low price of $9.99. If you are into modifying you images, this app is the way to go.

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