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Cappuccino App – Simple Free Google Reader/RSS App


Many a times on this site I have mentioned about RSS readers. I think they are a brilliant way of digesting a lot of content on the Internet and getting the latest information from your favourite site. If you use Google Reader, to store and view your RSS feeds today’s app, Cappuccino is a great app to go with it. It takes all of the RSS feeds stored on your Google Reader account and puts them in a neat little Mac app. This allows you to get your feeds in an app, rather than having to constantly check your web browser. If you want to add my site to your RSS reader you can find my feed here.

Get Me A Cappuccino

Cappuccino runs from Google Reader, so you need an account with them before you can use the app. This means you can access your RSS feeds from your web browser, update them from any where in the world, then when you come home and use the app, it will automatically update to show the latest feeds from your account. Although it takes a couple of minutes to set up, it is worth while. If you already have a Google Reader account, you are reader to go.

Once you login you are presented with a screen similar to the following. The left hand column contents all of your feeds, the centre column the articles for each feed and the right hand pane the content.

Cappuccino in all its glory. Simple to read your latest articles.

Viewing feeds is really easy. Since it is based off Google Reader, it will pull your latest feeds to the app. So any changes you make in either the app of Google Reader, will be reflected in either version. The sidebar gives you all of your feeds. When you click on any feed item it will list them in the centre column. You can quickly scan the list to see the latest items. Selecting any item will load it into the main window.

Each menu item quickly loads and is presented in a nice format. It formats the text based on the tags used in the main code. For example on my site I use <code> tags to shows computer code. This formatting is applied, which makes the layout of an article flow and look like the author intended.

The secondary features such as adding feeds in easy to use. The search function and the tags for fresh, unread and all make viewing new content easy and simple. The buttons at the top of the content window allow you to view the original article by pressing ‘Open in Browser’ or view it as a web page within the window. There are plenty of little features that make the app simple to use without any major headaches.


When I look at any app, I want to be able to use it without reading any manual. This app fits the bill. Once you log in, using the app is straight forward. There are no gotcha’s or little problems that make the app unusable or difficult to use.

The only problem I have found, or would like to see, is the ability to add folders. Although the application will bring across folders from Google Reader, I can’t find a method to add them in the application. Its only a small problem, however something I would like to see.

Overall its a great app and I recommend you check it out on the App Store. I also recommend you add my RSS feed to the reader to get you started.

If you have any questions or comments about this app, please leave one using the comments form.

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