How To Install Mountain Lion In 5 Easy Steps 2


How To Install Mountain Lion In 5 Easy Steps


Yesterday Mac OS X Mountain Lion was released, I was very excited as it brought in a whole load of features, plus I got to play with some of the newer apps, since I didn’t upgrade to Lion. Upgrading and installing Mountain Lion is very simple and really doesn’t take much. The longest part of the process was the download stage, the actual installation and configuration is simple, something we have come to expect with using Apple products. It install Mountain Lion, you need at least Mac OS X 10.6, as the installation uses the app store.

1) Backup

Before you do anything regarding installation it is always worth backing up your hard drive. Plug in your Time Machine drive, or any other backup source and have a full copy backup of all your files and folders. Although the installation process will probably not screw anything up, it is always worth having a copy. You should be backing up your data daily in the event of a problem, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

2) Download

The first proper stage is to download the app. Open the app store, and select the buy now button. The upgrade costs $19.99, which is very good for a large up date like this. Once you have purchased the app, it will slowly download. This is by far the longest step of the process.

The download is only 4GB, but may take a while on a slow connection.

3) Install

Once the download has completed the installer will run. It will ask you to choose where you want to install the OS. If you have multiple installation locations, for more than one operating system the install will ask where you want to install it. For the most part this will be Macintosh HD.

Pick your installation drive to start the process.

4) Restart

The installation process will then restart. Some thing rather uncommon for my Mac.

5) Install Some More

When your Mac restarts it will go into a longer install process. Just sit back and relax and let the installer do it thing.


That is it. Once the installation has completed, you Mac will restart for the final time and you will be presented with your brand new shiny OS. You can then login in if needed and try out all of the new features.

Optional Step: Set Up Apple Id

There is a minor step at the end of the process and this is to set up your Apple ID so all of your iOS devices can talk to your Mac. If you don’t have one, or want one, you can skip this step.

Learn The New OS

You are now free to learn the new OS. The best way is to mess around and see what things do. I particularly like the messages function and the mission control/launch pad. If you want to learn more you can always read OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual or OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide to get you started.

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