Numpty Physics – A Hard Mac Physic Puzzle Game 1


Numpty Physics – A Hard Mac Physic Puzzle Game


Modern games, I find, can guide you through the levels a bit too easily. Some games are always giving you hints on how to solve them or what you need to next. This may be satisfactory for most people, but every so often I would like a challenge. Where I get given a game and have to figure out how to solve the puzzles. Today’s app is called Numpty Physics, the Mac OS X download can be found here, and it is a hard physics game where you have to draw objects to complete each level.

Start Your Physics Engines

This game is by know means fancy. It has a simple hand draw look to the game and the rules are rather simple. Draw shapes, represented by lines, and allow the physics engine move the ball or other object to collect the star. The first level or two are rather simple, however the latter levels become rather difficult as there is no handy hints and in some case no simple solution.

The simple hand drawn look isn’t flashy but makes a good game.

For example in the image above you would draw a line between the first and second platform to bridge the two together. Then you would draw a small down facing wedge to fall from the top of the screen to hit the ball. This would then impact enough energy to get the ball rolling and collect the star. In some levels you can also move the start towards the ball, in which is sometimes the easier solution.

Other than letting object fall down you can create pivot-able objects, where the mechanical joins move allowing you to create objects such as double pendulums. You can also add in other types of physical objects which you draw, such as fixed items made of brown lines or sleeping objects, that don’t move until they are bumped. Each drawn line can be used in conjunction with other shapes you make.

If you want a better idea on how the game works I recommend you check out the embedded video below of some one trying the first few games. (If you are reading this post by email or RSS and can’t see the video, please click through to the site)


I really like this game, I have spent the last two days playing it. Although I am not very good (to the point where I can’t remember past solutions) it is fun. The levels are simple yet challenging and the creators site has plenty more levels if you complete them all.

The simple drawn interface, is simple, yet allows the physics engine to come though. If you like this sort of game I recommend you download it and check it out.

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