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Powerful Mac Image Editor – ColorStrokes – For Altering Image Colours


A while back I reviewed a neat app called Color Splash Studio, it is designed to convert an image to black and white, then allow you re-colour the image. The result is a unique image with a focal point of colour, correctly applied this can make any image unique and stand out. Today’s app Color Strokes, is the successor to that app. It still retains the main features of the previous app, the selective colour removal at its core, but has more features such as being able to add back in colour to black and white images.

Selective Colour Removal

Once you have loaded the image you want to modify the adjustments are easy to make. Using the brush, that varies in size and hardness, you selectively paint the areas that you want the colour applied to. Highlighting specific areas of an image can make certain objects stand out.

Highlighting a portion of this image with colour makes the car stand out.

The added features of this app allow you to then adjust the colour and contrast of the image. You can use the adjustment sliders to alter the hue and saturation, you can use this to make the colours more vibrant and a different colour. You can then use the sliders to optimise the blacks in the image, add more contrast, adjust the brightness as well as add a vignette. All the colour controls make what is a simple, dull image stand out.

A simple colour alteration to the background can make the image pop.

Add Back The Colour

The big, new, feature of this app is the image re-colorizer. If you have a black and white image, or have made one. You can use the tools within this app to add colours back in. Re-colourising images is hard and takes a long time to achieve good results. However, this app make this process a little bit simpler. It is not designed to be used for professional re-colouring, but it really good at slightly adjusting images.

It is simple to re-colourise an image. First you convert it to black and white, or use the existing colours. You then use the paint brush to paint over the image. The beauty and simplicity comes due to the fact that it lets the black in the image through, giving the shadow and depth. You then apply the filters and adjustments to the image to get the right contrast and levels. You can then keep adding to the image colourising select parts.

The addition of colour to the nose and eyes make the image stand out.

The small addition of colour to the eyes of the cat are simple and really don’t take that long to complete. More complex operations will take a lot longer. However, patience and a bit of imagination can achieve good results.


This is is simple to use, works very well, and achieves excellent results. The image alteration tools make changing an image simple and easy. It gives your image a bit more depth and makes them slightly more interesting.

If you have the previous version of the app, you will get upgraded to this version for free. You can get this cool app on the app store. There is also an iPhone app to go with it. If you are a fan of the previous version, you will enjoy this just as much.

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