Timing App – View The Time Breakdown On Your Mac 3


Timing App – View The Time Breakdown On Your Mac


A couple of days ago I review and demonstrated a slightly different type of app, Threadwatch. This visually showed you when you used a certain app based on the CPU usage during the day. Its great at creating a cool graphic, but not very useful in terms of statistics of which app you use the most. If you want something more statistical which you can use to cut down or monitor your app usage you need an app called Timing. It monitors which apps you use on your Mac by the time spent using them. You can then use the breakdown to see how you spend your day.

How Do You Spend Your Time?

When you install the app it runs quietly in the background. For most of the day, week or even month, you don’t use the app. It automatically records what apps you are using and what you are doing in them.

Its surprising which apps you use and how long you use them for.

The main area on the app lists the apps you have been using based on the time you have being using them. In my example I have been extensively using Firefox and Terminal, I was carrying out some work on this website.

Within each app, depending on the compatibility of the app which does vary, you can get a break down of the used documents. For example in Firefox, my most used sites have been this site and reddit. With plenty of other sites following suit. You get a similar sort of breakdown with other applications and the files opened.

The graph at the top of the app, graphs how much time you have being using in total. For an overview this is not very useful, however it comes into its own the the activities bar on the left hand side. The app allows you to assign apps to certain categories, for example if you want a work category you can put apps you use for work in this folder. You can then track your progress and how much time you spend using them. Alternatively you can have a ‘banned’ apps category for apps you shouldn’t be using and want to cut down. The graph at the top of the page will tell you how much time you have spent. The time filter can be used to change the length of time displayed.


Like many of the best apps, they are simple. This fits that bill. It doesn’t do a great deal but it does provide a functionality you may need. For example, I can see how much time have spent using the Internet, plus the time spent on each site. If you use your Mac all day it is a great break down of the time spent. You can always use it to increase your work flow.

The app can be found from the app store and costs $7.99.

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