LockScreen – Beautiful Screens When You Are Away From Your Mac 1


LockScreen – Beautiful Screens When You Are Away From Your Mac


If you lock your screen regularly while at work, school or any where else you will eventually get bored of the plain grey login screen. Today’s app, LockScreen Plus, is designed to make your screen more interesting to look at, and provide you with some useful information, all while locked. This app improves on the basic look of your Mac making it a bit more interesting and useful.

Lock Down

This app is provided on top of your Mac and doesn’t replace any of the basic features of your system. When you run the app and lock your Mac through the app you will be presented with a screen that gives you various bits of information. This includes the time, weather, and anything else the theme has installed. Each theme is beautifully designed.

The themed lock screen gives the data and weather for your Mac.

There is a variety of themes available. Each theme gives you the time, an ace background and the weather. The list of themes are growing. For example, there is one available, mentioned on the Facebook page, that gives the current Olympic medal table.

There is a variety of themes to download and install, each look different and provide a different way of presenting information.

Each theme looks different, suited to all styles.

Each lock screen theme provides some basic information such as the time, and the battery life of your Mac (if you have one), but it is the way it is presented. Each one is animated in a different way to make it look and feel different.

There are a couple of bugs in the app, it is sometimes sluggish to move from the locked screen back to your Mac. Sometimes, if you change theme the previous background may still be present. However, overall the app works well and looks good. Something I think the default OS should come installed with.

The costs  $1.99 and you can find it on the app store.

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