Changing A Disk Image Password In Mountain Lion 1


Changing A Disk Image Password In Mountain Lion


Today I am going to post a quick time that I find useful. If you use disk images to store data, you can apply a password to encrypt the data. This is useful for financial documents and other files you don’t want anyone to easily look at. The problem we are going to solve is how do you change the password on the disk image. This isn’t complicated but it takes a couple of steps. I like to regularly change a password to ensure it doesn’t get compromised.

To change a password open up Disk Utility in Applications > Utilities. Open your disk image by selecting File > Open Disk Image. This will select the disk image password you want to change. It is worth noting that the disk image has to be unmounted for this procedure to work.

Open up the disk image in disk utility

The next step is simple, select the disk image and go to File > Change Password. This location of this little drop down menu was recently change, it took me a while to find its current location in Mountain Lion.

Selecting the option from the drop down menu will allow you to make this quick change.

A pop up box will ask you to enter the current password. Following this a second box will appear asking you for a new password. Enter it into the requested box and watch as the little bar goes up with length. As with any password the longer the more secure. Type it twice to ensure you haven’t made any mistakes. It is worth noting that a password double in length using just the alphabet is more secure than a short password with lots of symbols.

A long password is a secure password.

Hit OK an the password change will stick. It doesn’t take long to change the password, however if you don’t know where the password change option is you can be spending a while looking for the option. In older versions of Mac OS, this used to be in the Images menu bar option.

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