Clear Those Reminders and Task With Clear App 0


Clear Those Reminders and Task With Clear App


Lists, to-dos and reminders. There are many apps that make lists and remind you to do do your daily tasks, there is even one built into Mountain Lion. Today’s app is called Clear. It is a list keeping app that has some really cool built in gestures and is rather fun and colourful to use. It makes doing lists a bit more interesting. If you have a lot of lists and want to make it a bit more interesting I certain recommend you check out this app.

Making A List and Checking It Twice

List making and to-do apps come a dime a dozen. There is plenty of them. They all have the same basic features, make a list, perform the task (you do that not the app), then check it off. There is not much you can do to make it more interesting. Clear app, however, adds in colour and trackpad gestures to make the app fun to use and intuitive.

Using the app is simple. You are presented with two main levels. The section containing the various lists you may have, and then the list themselves. Each list item is colour coded. The most important list item at the top and then as you go down the lists items become a light shade or red, highlighting the important items at the top.

List items are colour coded. And are interacted with trackpad gestures.

The app is all about gestures. Swiping to the left will clear an item. Pinching out will take you to the level above, in this case the list chooser.

You will have more than more list. One for work, one for home, your shopping list for example. To move between them you pinch to ‘zoom out’ this will give you the option to pick the next list. If you don’t have pinch to zoom you can scroll up.

You then click on the list you want and it will zoom into that list. Once you get the hang of the action you find yourself quickly moving between the lists naturally.

Clear can hold many lists. This images shows the list picker.


Once you get the hang of using the app you quickly find yourself moving between lists, adding new items and organising your life. If you don’t like the inbuilt reminders app, this app may be for you.

Clear app can be found on the app store. If you have a comment, please leave one using the form below.

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