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Copy A Files Path In Finder


Every file and folder on your Mac has a location. This location is represented by a path. Every so often you may want to copy the path to this file or folder, especially if it is deeply located within a file structure. I do it every so often when I want to remember where a certain file is located, and put the path on a helpful tip on this site. The simplest method is to write the path out by hand, however this can be prone to errors and faults and is generally not very quick. Today I am going to show you a method with the help of a plugin to do this for you.

The Normal Method

When you select a file and press copy you Mac will remember certain aspects of the file, one of these is the path of the file. Now if you want to paste this into a TextEdit file you would normally press paste from the menu. This will copy the name of the file into the text document. If, however, you copy and paste the path into a Terminal window it will paste the full path. A slight difference. We normally want the full path. To do this we need a plugin.

The Plugin Method

To do this you need to download a service plugin from MacAbleton. Once you have downloaded the plugin copy it into your services folder located in ~/Library/Service. If you don’t know how to get access to your services folder, read my previous post.

Then restart or log off/on. The quickest method is to open Terminal located in your Utilities folder.  Then type the following:

killall Finder

This will restart Finder.

Now when you right click on a file you will notice that there is a copy file path option.

A handy right click menu option.

This service option will also put the file into your Services menu bar, located in Finder > Services > Copy File Path.

You can now copy file paths from the service menu.

To remove the option, simply delete the service from your Library.

Its a simple plugin and tip, however it may save some time.


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