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Create Photo Collages With Choco For Mac


We take pictures by the dozen. With the advent of cameras in phones and other devices, we generate hundreds of pictures. Although we print them out and post them to sites such as Facebook, its also cool to display them in a different manner. Collages are a fun and interesting way of displaying photos, allowing you to group pictures together for an event and print them out in one go. I remember making them at school and always liked what I made. Today we are going to bring this into the digital age with Choco, a Mac app especially built for designing collages with your favourite photos.

Making a Collage

Choco is designed to be simple and aid you in designing your collages. The steps are simple, add your photos to the app, design the frame and layout for the collage then hit the save button.

The app comes with many in built frames and designs. You can start with the classic grid, or expand out to something more original such as pile of images, or a burst of photos laid on top of each other. The app allows you to customise the look and feel of the frames and cells allowing you control over the design and layout.

When you have finalised the design, or picked one from the list of default templates, you can add in your images. Once they are added into the app, using a typical Finder open window, you can press the shuffle button and the app will automatically place each image in the cells. If you want more control you can drag and drop them where you want.

This simple collage took seconds to create.

The simple, in built collages are really good, there is lots of variety and different designs. If, however, you want to design something more specific and unique the tools built into Choco allow you to do this. There are a variety of settings such as the number of items, the size, width of the margins, the shadow, the background plus many more different settings. You can play around all day and design the perfect collage.

The on screen guides and handles allow easy manipulation of each cell, the alignment tools ensure that each images is perfectly lined up in a grid.

You control the look and feel of the collage with the sliders. More work is done on screen.


If you like making collages, and want to do more with your images, this is the app for you. If you put in the effort you can come up with some really good designs.

I have two problems I have with this app. The first is to set the size by normal page sizes such as A4 etc, currently you can only do this pixels. The second is the ability to save the collage file you are creating, you can save the final image easily, however if you are doing a lot of work on a design, it would be useful to be able to save your progress. These are only minor points but something I think are significant.

If you think this app if for you, it is found on the app store.

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