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Create Your Own, Unique iPhone Wallpapers With Ensoul App


Your iPhone wallpapers says a lot about you. Is it of a swanky car, a loved one, or that awesome tip to Timbuktu? Which ever picture you choose it is always good to have to well taken and looking good to match your phone. This is where Ensoul comes in. It is a Mac app designed to make sure your iPhone wallpapers look good. It takes your images, allows you to apply effects and the ability to line them up with your device and then export them directly to your phone. It makes making cool iPhone wallpapers a breeze.

Making Your Wallpaper

When you open Ensoul you have the option of making either a normal iPhone wallpaper or one for a Retina iPhone. Once you have selected the type of wallpaper you want to make you will be presented with a screen showing an iPhone and a picture selector.

The app is simple to use. You first select the image you want to make into a wallpaper, this can be from your iPhoto library, Photo Booth, your pictures folder or an other image located on your Mac. You then drag and drop the image onto the iPhone. You now have the ability to move the image around the fake screen to find the right position, zoom in and out to appropriately centre the image.

In the app you have your iPhone and image selector, plus an image editor.

When you have the image lined up just as you want, you can then adjust the image. You can alter the contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure and hue. You can also add a limited number effects to the image such as blur, pixelation and squeeze to name a few. You can stack multiple effects and use the adjustment sliders to control the amount of adjustment. Not all of the features make good wallpapers, however some of the effects do look good.

Once you have made your wallpaper you can now export it. The best method of sending it to your iPhone is using the Photo Stream service provided by Apple. This will add the image to your iPhoto library and then upload to your phone. It only takes a minute or two, but is a wireless and effortless way of getting the image to your iPhone. You can also export the final wallpaper as an image.


This app is simple and fun to use. It makes making wallpapers simple and easy to use. It takes no effort at all to make the wallpapers and the inbuilt tools are easy to use. You do need a good source image to start with, but there are many of them on the internet to help you get started.

The addition of using Photo Stream was a nice touch, which make using the app with your iPhone simple. The inbuilt effects are also fun to use and produce some interesting effects. It make your iPhone wallpapers look good and unique.

The app costs $9.99 and is available from the app store. If you want good wallpapers for your phone and want a tool to go with them, Ensoul is for you.

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