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Customise The Login Screen In Mountain Lion


Yesterday I talked about adding a small amount of system information to the login screen in mountain lion. This afternoon I have been doing a bit more digging and have two more techniques. One is to add a message to the bottom of the screen. The second is a login window banner, most notably to be used as a policy banner in which users can accept the terms of using that Mac. They are only simple changes but add a certain amount of functionality, especially if you need them.

Login Message

If you want to add a login message to your login window in mountain lion you have to change the right preference. Open up System Preferences in your Applications folder. Open the Security & Privacy preference. Yo will notice that there is a check box that allows you to show a login message. Check this box, then press the button to open up a small editable text space. If the check box is locked out, press the lock in the bottom left corner.

You can add any message you want.

Type what you want in the text box. I recommend you keep it shot. When you are finished press the OK button. Now when you go to your login screen you will notice a small message above the shutdown and restart buttons.

Policy Banner

A policy banner is on you typically find on a school or work computer. It allows the administrator to set a range of guidelines and rules for the user to follow. The first step is to right your message, using either TextEdit or a suitable word processor such as word or Pages.  You can add in images and colourful text as needed. Ensure you save the file as a .txt, .rtf or .rtfd file. Change the name to PolicyBanner, taking note of the capitalisation.

Then move the file into /Library/Security folder on your Mac. If you want to find this folder please see a previous post, discussing this issue. Now, every time you go to your login window, you will see this policy banner.

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