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Day One – Journal App For The Mac


Journals were a popular way of keeping record of various day to day activities. I remember starting one at school, although I cam to believe that they were just used to spy on us. However, journals have been bought into the modern age with Day One. It is designed as a modern way to record your daily thoughts, images and other day every day. It takes the old diary format of writing, and adds a modern Mac twist to allow you to keep a record. Its a great, well designed app, and if you love writing and journals this is the app.

Writing In Your Journal

In essence, Day One is split into two sections. The writing and editing section, and the viewing section. Within the writing section you are given a blank page to allow your thoughts to pour out. It will automatically insert the date and time, and you have the option of adding in photos to remind you of your daily actions. The text edit page also allows you add in tables, code, and simple things such as bold and italicised text.

You can quickly write what you are thinking down in the app.

It is really simple to start writing and putting down what you are thinking. The text you can enter can either be really short, or long winded. When you are finished writing you press done and it will automatically save the entry. This then allows you to right another one. Useful if you want multiple entries a day.

When you have finished writing you can then review the previous entries. This allows you to go back and review what you have written. The time is split up into sections, such as days, months and years. It allows you to quickly go through and read your history. There is a calendar option which allows you to view entries over a longer period.

The fun of keeping a journal is to review what you have previously written.

In essence that is the application. Write and edit your entries, and review previous ones. However, the app does have some cool features. For example you can set a reminder to write every day. There is also iCloud and Drop box functionality built into to add entries on other devices. Although I didn’t try this feature.


Overall I am impressed with this application. It is simple to use, fun and very well put together. If you use this application every day I can see it becoming something useful and interesting. There are some minor problems, such as having to learn the formatting options, rather than there being a simple bar. This makes actions such as making text italic or bold a little difficult.

If you like the sound of this app, you can get it on the app store. If you have any comments on Day One, please leave a comment.

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