Find Your Finder Library Folder In Mountain Lion 1


Find Your Finder Library Folder In Mountain Lion


In Mountain Lion your Library; which contains various useful folders such as your preferences, application support and many other files and folders, is hidden within Mountain Lion. This is not normally a problem since you really don’t use it that frequently. However, if you want to change a file, delete a preference and just see whats stored in there you need a method to get it back. This is a quick tip to show you how to do it.

Normally your Finder window doesn’t show your Library or the main system library.

Default user Finder window doesn’t have the Library folder.

To view it, in the menu bar go to Go > Go To Folder. Within the pop up box that appears type in ~/Library. The tilda (~) links to the current logged in users library. To view the main Library simply type /Library. When you press go a new Finder window will pop up with the folder you want.

Viewing your Library in Finder is easy.

Its only a simple tip, but something that is very useful. If you like these sort of tips I recommend OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide or OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual.

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