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Gemini App Review- Find and Delete Duplicate Files


Files that come in duplicate are really not needed. Although hard drive space is cheap, having the same file twice can clutter up your Finder window and make working if your files difficult and time consuming. The best way to get rid of them is to find duplicates. Todays app is smart, it will find duplicate files for you quickly and get rid of them for you. The app is Gemini and is a well designed, fast, app designed for getting rid of files that have a clone.

Find The Duplicates

Gemini is a Mac app that has been designed for the Mac. Before you even start using the app it looks like some from Apple themselves. Beautifully designed and user friendly. The process of finding duplicate files is simple. You tell it which folder you want to search for, it will scan the files and using its algorithm it will determine which files are duplicates. You then get the chance to remove the duplicates.

Drag the folder you want to scan on the big drop arrow.

You can select any folder you want to scan for. I started with my home folder, although I then applied it to my picture, which needed a big clean up.

This picture folder took about 10 seconds to scan.

Scanning folder doesn’t take that long. I tried it on both an SSD drive and a normal hard drive and the results were really fast, even on big folders with lots of files. My pictures folder which has hundreds of images was scanned in about 10 seconds. If it does take a while you are given humorous messages as the green bar rotates around the circle. When the app has done its work you can view the results.

The results are shown in a file browser of sorts. There is a preview pane on the right, the files that are duplicates in the middle and a file type selector on the right. At the bottom of the preview pane there is the duplicates viewer. It allows you to view each file that it has picked up.

Gemini found many duplicates which I can go through and delete.

Once Gemini has found the files you can go through the list and see what it has found. When you have found a duplicate that you want to delete you select the check box under the preview. This will add it to a deletion list. You can go through each file and find the file as needed, or you can use the wizard. This will select, automatically, the files it thinks as duplicates, retaining an original. You can pick and choose which files to delete.

The final step is to delete the images. When you are ready you press the delete button, it will come up with a final confirmation of the files you want to delete. When you press the delete button the list will then go through a shredder at the bottom of the screen, using a cool shredding animation. You files will then either be deleted permanently, or moved to the trash an option is available in the preferences.

Once you have found the duplicate file you can now get rid of them.

When all is done you are presented with a message saying how many megabytes you have deleted.


This app is well designed, it looks really good, works really well and is everything you expect from a Mac app. The duplicate finder if very quick even on slower drives and from my tests it found all duplicate files. Viewing and deleting them is also very good. Its easy to get rid of them in one click, but the options to view files in the preview window and there original location is very useful.

This app is cheap and is available from the app store. It is the type of app you use every couple of months are when you have a bad problem. I certainly recommend you get Gemini and clean up your hard drive space.

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