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Hide Files And Folders On Your Mac With Hider App


Although your Mac is reasonably secure, it is unlikely that your file are to be stolen. However, if you want that extra piece of mind in hiding your files from prying eyes you want a simple app that can do it for you. Today’s post is all about showing you how to hide these files and folders, such as financial documents, or super secret files you want want opening by other people. Its going to use a simple app called Hider. Its designed to quickly hide your files with ease.

Hiding Files And Folders

If you want to hide files manually, its normally a right pain. It takes Terminal commands and methods that are not easy to use. Hider, on the other hand, takes all of the hassle out of hiding files. To hide a file you drag it into the window (or use the dialog to pick the file) and then press the hide button. The app will then work its magic and the file will disappear.

The app interface, its drag, drop, hide.

Adding files is quick and simple. You can quickly add files into the app and then hide them all at once. I am not 100% in the method it uses to hide the files and folders, but for the casual browser its probably good enough that they will never find them. If you want an added piece of security Hider also allows you to add a password before a file is hidden or revealed.

The application also extents the functionality in the form of groups. If you have a range of files, in many places you may want to group them together. This is slightly different to folders, in that folders are a specific folder on your hard drive. Groups allows any files, in any location to be hidden at once. By using a group you can pick all of your files that may be scattered in many places and quickly hide or show them with one click.

The app also has Finder functionality. If you enable the plugin, the services menu and the right click menu option within Finder will allow you to directly add a file to Hider and thus be hidden. Its a lot quicker than using the app directly. Its also easy to use if you want to go on a hiding spree.

You can hide files directly from Finder.

Although you need the app to hide and show files. The quick button click it takes to hide an item is relatively simple. The application also has quick look built into the app and various file stats. Its like a mini Finder to help organise your files.


If you want to hide files and folders, this is the app for you. It is really simple, easy to use and doesn’t take much time at all to use. In my tests and experiments I was hiding and unhiding files and folders really easily. The functionality of the app also make this app fun to use. You don’t have to struggle to hide files, it just does it.

The only problem I have with this app is what happens if it doesn’t run and if you can get your files back. I think you can, as the app will use some rare, inbuilt method, but it is something to bare in mind.

If you want this app, you can get it from the app store. I like Hider, it does the job.

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