Organise Your Tasks With Eisenpower For Mac 1


Organise Your Tasks With Eisenpower For Mac


I have reviewed one or two different Mac apps for organising your life. The previous app was a simple one called Clear. Today is another unique app called Eisenpower. Its another task based app for making sure you do everything in your life that you mean on doing. It is slightly different to other applications in that there are four panels in which you place your task, things to do first, items to schedule, items to delegate and finally items you plan on doing but will never get round to going to them.

The Four Categories Of Items

Eisenpower has four main sections, each with a different title. Each of the sections, however, work in the same way. Like a typical reminder app you enter your task, then set a reminder when you want to do the task. Its that simple. Reminders will sync with your Calendar and will appear on any of your iOS devices. You can also post a sticky to notification centre, so you always have a reminder.

The four task areas.

There really isn’t much to say on how the app works. However, it does work really well. I like to see all my tasks up at once, and by organising them into sections. The full screen button on this app makes organising a lot of tasks easy.

It only cost $4.99 from the app store. If you want a different type of task app, this may be for you.

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