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Rayman Jungle Run Review – Bringing Rayman To iOS


I love playing Rayman. I remember back when I was a kid the original Rayman game for the PS1. Its a fun platform game that is simple to play, but like any platform game its gets difficult and nearly impossible to get 100% completion. The guys over at Ubisoft have made an iOS version, Rayman Jungle Run that takes all of the fun of Rayman and puts on your iPad or iPhone. It is a simple one touch game that has beautiful graphics and a fun sound track, just because it is on a mobile device doesn’t mean it is any easier.

Tap Tap Rayman

Most games on console, Mac or PC have more than one button to control your game playing experience. Although your iOS devices has multi touch adding in original controls is a bit cumbersome. Rayman Jungle Run gets around this by implementing a one touch control. Simply tap the screen to perform the required action. This means you tap the screen to jump, tap and hold to fly. Although it is just one button, it is all about timing and as the levels get more difficult it needs a patient finger to know when to jump.

The game is split into four main levels; jump, fly, wall run and punch, with each level split into ten sub levels. Each main section is designed to feature a specific talent of Rayman. Initially, jump which brings you quickly into the game, then adding more complexity such as flying, which requires the right amount of flight to get to where you want.

Rayman has many levels to keep you entertained.

Although the tapping on the screen to perform the actions sounds like it may be a bit simplistic you have to tap at the right time. This takes a bit of skill, a bit of luck and a usually a bit of frustration. In each level you have to collect 100 sprites in the form of individual sprites and big 25 sprite bonuses. That involves jumping and tapping at the right time, some a hiding so you have to make sure you don’t miss them.

There are many sprites to collect

Once you start the level the game automatically dictates the pace, there is no ability to go backwards, however this adds an extra challenge. You have to ensure you hit the platform at the right time, and make sure that jump is in just the right position to ensure you reach the area you are aiming for.

Every time you collect 100 sprites in a level you get a jewel, once you collect all of the jewels you can enter the secret dark level and finish the game.


Each level is beautifully designed. The graphics look gorgeous and have a level of depth, which each of the platforms, and backgrounds well rendered. Along with it you get a great sound track that makes it fun to play.

I certainly recommend this game, I have been playing it a while and my determination to get every sprite means I am only part way through. It is currently $2.99 in the app store, which is a little more than the usual game, however there is a lot of replay value and certainly enjoyable.

You can get it on the app store, and is rendered for the iPhone and iPad. I have the iPad version which looks great.

If you like this game, or recommend another, please leave a comment below.

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