Show The Latest iTunes Track In Mountain Lions Notification Centre 1


Show The Latest iTunes Track In Mountain Lions Notification Centre


If you use iTunes you may want some method of displaying the latest tracks, you can use an app like SkipTunes, which runs from the menu. Today, however, I am going to show you a free solution which shows you the latest playing track within notification centre. Its a great way of showing the latest tracks in a small popup menu. If you use iTunes and want to see the latest tracks I recommend you download this free app.

The Music Notification

You can find the app on dropbox (the original source being reddit). When you download the app and install it, you will first need to disable the protection for unsecured developers, you can find a post about this topic here. Now every time an new song is played in iTunes the app will bring up a notification.

A little notification on every new song.

I recommend you go into the notification centre settings within System Preferences and alter the settings of the app. I would change the number of notifications to 1, this stops the list getting clogged up with multiple entries. I would also add this app to your login items within your accounts.

I would change the number of items within the notification centre.

Its only a simple app, however this free little apps provides some good functionality.

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