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Star Wars Angry Birds – App Review


Star Wars. I love the movies, the games, the lore. With the advent of new Star Wars movies its a good time to be a fan. The guys at Rovio have developed Angry Birds Star Wars, a sci-fi twist on the classic game that is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad. If you love the older games, or want to get into a Angry Birds franchise this is a great game to past the time and have a bit of fun. It has all of the classic parts of Angry Birds, but then a Star Wars twist, where all of the original characters and themes add added in.

Let The Force Be With You

Angry Birds Star Wars is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad. I will be reviewing the game for the Mac, however the game is the same across any Mac device.

The first thing to note about this game is that it goes all in on the Star Wars theming. It simply isn’t a quick change here, a quick change there. Its a completely different game. It takes elements from previous games, such as the different birds, the space theming from Angry Birds Space but then really makes it seems like a new game. For example, the theming of the levels on Tatoonie make it feel like your are on the desert planet.

Angry Birds are in Star Wars, and its great.

The game follows the same basic format of the previous games. You take your angry birds and you smash them into the piggies to stop them building the Pig Star. The birds take on new forms with the use of the force and light sabers. They really are cool. The use of the bird with the light saber allows you to cut through blocks and piggies with ease.

Angry Birds comes with a variety of different force weapons.

All your favourite characters return, C-3PO, R2-D2 the Chewbacca. They all have different attacks and specialties on the different levels.

The game progress like the other games, every time you beat the level you unlock the next. But you always need to go back and try to get the high score. Its easy on the first levels, but get progressively harder.

The no gravity levels are my favourite.

This game has a good mix of the traditional levels, new birds and the old classics. I really enjoy playing through the levels.


If you are a fan ofAngry Birds, old and new, you will enjoy this game. It has lots of new features, fun levels and plenty of replay value. If you have never played Angry Birds before this is the perfect start and is quickly becoming one of my favourite Angry Birds game.

The only problem I have with this game is the sound effects, they do get a little annoying. However, a mute button quickly sorts that out.

If you want to play this game you can get it for the Mac, iPhone or iPad. Which ever platform you get it on, its all great fun. If you have a comment on this game, please leave one using the form below.

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