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Tab Between Interface Buttons In Mountain Lion


The title of this post is a little bit brief on the topic I am going to cover. When you see a dialog box in Mountain Lion on your Mac, you normally have many options. These usually appear when you want to quit an app and have to save a document. Today’s tip is going to show you how to tab between these options. This is so you can press tab to move between the options in the dialog box. Its called full keyboard access and allows you to use the tab key to move between a variety of different items in the dialog boxes that appear.

To enable keyboard access and to enable you to use the tab key to move between dialog box options, open up System Preferences in your Applications folder. Select the Keyboard option from the hardware row of system preferences. Under the Keyboard Shortcuts tab select the ‘All Controls’ option under the full keyboard access header.

The simple dialog box option at the bottom of the system preference is all you need.

Once you select this option, you can use the tab button to move between dialog box options. If you don’t like this functionality you can turn it off by selecting the ‘Text boxes and lists only’ option.

It is only a simple option, however it does allow a bit of functionality that some people might be missing.

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