The Act – Traditional Animation In A New Game Format 2


The Act – Traditional Animation In A New Game Format


Traditional cellular animation has fallen out of the lime light in recent years. The Act for iOS and Mac has decided to bring this back in awesome fashion. Its a game where you control of Edgar and by swiping left or right you control how he acts in the situations he has found him in. You venture into a journey that is funny, interesting, looks really cool and to top it off is pretty difficult to try on your first go.

The Act Of Edgar

The Act is available for both Mac and iOS and features no differences between the two, however for this review I have the iOS copy. Its designed as a traditional animation movie. Where you lead protagonist, Edgar, has found himself in a problem he will never seem to get himself out of. He is a window cleaner, with a crush on the nurse, an over working boss and a lazy brother.

The simple start screen to take you on your wonderful journey.

To advance through the game you control Edgar.  You control him by adjusting his emotions. Swipe to the right, he becomes more bold, swipe to the left he becomes more timid. By looking at the scene, seeing how everybody is reacting you control how Edgar progresses and eventually calms things down. For example, you perk the love interest by slowly becoming more bold. Too bold however, and you put her off, causing you to start the scene again. Its a subtle adjustment of being bold and being timid.

Its all about timing, being to bold to quick and you will drive people away, to timid and people don’t do what you want. Its this adjustment of emotion that makes it a challenge to judge what the characters in the scene expect of you. You do however quickly pick it up.

Swipe left to help your brother, or swipe right to please the boss.

The graphics for The Act are really amazing, they take that traditional animation look and blend it together, every action has an animation and they all blend together, making you feel that you are the character. The sound clues also make it interesting and immersive. When you are doing well the sound reflects this, start to arouse suspicion or start do something wrong and the sound track becomes off key. Note that there is no speaking in this game, it gets by all to well without it.

The animation cut scenes are great to watch

As the game progresses it gets more complicated and you have to think about what you are doing. Although timing it everything its also the action you produce, you have to swipe quickly when needed and ensure you produce the correct swiping action in the right order. It is hard to explain without giving away the plot.

One of my favourite scenes is running through the corridor, you have to quickly swipe left and right to move through the hospital. If you hit anyone its scene over and it plays a beautiful animation before you have to start again.

Seconds later in the action packed scene I crashed.


I love this game, it has great graphics a lovely sound track and a story that is interesting.

The main problem with this game is the length, it is a bit short. You can get through the game in about an hour. The reason it is so short is the amount of effort that must have gone into make it. Instead of appreciating it for its length, play for game for its artistic beauty and hope that other games follow suit in the amount of development that has gone into the game.

You can get is on the app store for both Mac and iOS. I highly recommend it.

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