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Turn Off iCloud Documents In Mountain Lion


The new iCloud on your Mac, iPhone or iPad allows documents and other information such as your contacts to be synced between all of your iOS devices. One of these features is the ability to sync iCloud documents between your devices such as Pages or iBooks, even something simple as TextEdit. This may be good for some, however if you don’t use the apps you may find the iCloud pop up that appears when you open supported apps a bit annoying.

Turning Off iCloud Documents

An iCloud compatible apps are starting to grow in number and you are usually presented with a screen similar to the one below.

iCloud apps are great, but may not be for all.

To turn it off open System Preferences and select the iCloud option. Under Documents and Data uncheck the option. This will turn off the iCloud documents.

The small system preference option that turns off this big feature.

Its a simple preference option, if you don’t need it, you might as well cut down on the button clicking and remove the extra button you need to press if you never upload any files onto iCloud.

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