Access Accented Characters (& Others) On Your iPad or iPhone 0


Access Accented Characters (& Others) On Your iPad or iPhone


Those those lucky people whom Santa brought a new iPad or iPhone, or those users who have had one for a while, I am going to show you a rather cool trick which allows you to write accented, or acute, characters such as á or é or a variety of other characters. It allows users who write in multiple languages to correctly spell there words. Its a really simple trick and method to access a full library of characters. These tricks words for both iPhone and iPad and I assume other iOS devices such as and iPod Touch.

To access other keys and characters simply hold down the key for the letter you want to access. For example if you want type á, simply hold down the letter ‘a’ on the keyboard and then select the key you want to access.  The majority of letters have alternatives that you can write.

Hold down a key to access a range of other characters.

Most characters have alternatives. Even punctuation marks have other characters. For example if you hold down the full stop symbol, you get access to the ellipses (…), the currency  symbol gives you access to other currency symbols.

These character symbols work any time the keyboard appears. I find it incredibly useful when writing and need access to these other characters.

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