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Accessories For Your New Mac


The eventful Christmas period if over and hopefully some of your have a new Mac to play with. If you have a new iMac, MacBook, or an existing one, its the time of the year when you can get a new gadget, gizmo or accessory to go with it. I am going to list a couple of my favourite accessories for a Mac. They range from the cheap books and adapters, to the more expensive. I always have the philosophy of getting everything I need right at the beginning so not to miss out and have the full functionality right at the beginning.

If you have any ideas for accessories for a Mac please leave a comment. I have linked to Amazon for each of these gadgets as they tend to always have the best price, and are nearly always in stock.


You can’t beat a good book. If you are are new to the Mac operating system or way of life I highly recommend the Mountain Lion Missing Manual. Its a good general guide for the Mac and has some excellent tips and tricks. I have read a couple of different copies and I always love the tips in them. There are many missing manuals to read and I recommend them all.

If you wan’t something smaller, quicker to read and gets right to the point I recommend the pocket guides. Again, the mountain lion pocket guide is a good read.


Your Mac comes with one of the best backup tools available, Time Machine. To get the most out of it you need to pair it with a disk that is not your main hard drive. For this I recommend an external hard drive, such as WD My Passport. There is nothing worse than having all your data lost due to a failure of a hard drive. Get an external drive and backup everything to this drive.

External Gadgets

One of my favourite accessories to use is the magic track pad. I find it more useful than a mouse and you can do far more with your Mac than you can with a normal mouse.

The magic trackpad, a get extension of your Mac.

To go with your Mac I recommend and external DVD drive. The USB Superdrive is a get accessory. Although you only need to use a DVD once or twice a year it does come in handy. I don’t have a DVD drive at the moment and it is the biggest pain in the world when I need it. This stylish drive will go well with your shiny new Macintosh.

If you want something more awesome I recommend the thunderbolt display. An awesome screen that goes well with your iMac or Macbook Pro.


There are many accessories to go with your Mac. I personally recommend an external drive or the magic trackpad. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below.

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