BodyMation App – Track Your Dieting and Weight Loss 3


BodyMation App – Track Your Dieting and Weight Loss


I have once thought about joining a gym, but the idea of eating cakes was deemed more important. For those who have more will power and want to lose weight it is always good to track your weight loss (or gain if you are body building). If you go for a casual run or are more serious with the work out equipment, having images of your progress makes you see how far you have become. Today’s app is BodyMation, it is designed to track your progress by taking pictures of your fitness.

Getting into shape

BodyMotion is quick to use and doesn’t take much to set up. You take a picture of your body, every day, week or month, however often you deem necessary, it then stores this photo. Then as you progress and build up a library of images, you playback the results. Hopefully showing your body wasting away as you aim for your goal weight. Its rather simple, but if you are serious about your weight loss its a good motivator.

BodyMation shows your progress as you lose weight.

BodyMation shows your progress as you lose weight.

This app has some built in tools to help you set up the images. It has a count down timer to allow you to set up the right image. It also flicks between your previous image so you can pull the same silly pose. I was messing around with the app in the image above, but the timer and the image movement allow you to line up the images.

When you have a good set of images you can use the playback function to play a short animated movie of your progress. If you have a dramatic weight loss you can have a real good movie. If you set a reminder in your calendar to take picture every week, or month and regularly use the app you can have a good set of images.

The app also allows you to have more than one series, if there is a couple of people in your household using the app, each can have a progress of there weight loss.


BodyMation is a simple app to help you get started and track your weight loss. There is a free trial on the site if you want to try the app out before you buy.

There are two improvement I would like to have seen, the ability to tag photos with information such as how much you did weigh and other information. I would also like the ability to add images using a file upload, rather than the inbuilt iSight camera. Some people may not have the camera, or in a location that is convenient.

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