Mac Apps For Your New Apple Mac 2


Mac Apps For Your New Apple Mac


A couple of days ago  I posted about some cool Mac accessories for you new Mac you may have bought or received at Christmas. Today’s post is a follows on and will discuss some recommend apps you can buy from the app store for your shiny new Mac. I have only listed a couple of different apps, however each of them I think deserve to be on your operating system. Most are very useful and will certainly improve your productivity or help you work with your Mac. I have only listed a couple of games, I believe the initial game offering by Apple is poor.


Gemini and Daisy Disk are two utilities I can’t live with out. Gemini allows you to find duplicate files on your Mac. This means you don’t have the same file cluttering up your disk and taking up, what can be, valuable disk space. I particularly use it for photos and images, as I always tend to have duplicates. I have previously reviewed this app on my site.

Drag the folder you want to scan on the big drop arrow.

Daisy Disk, which I have reviewed previously, is a more visual way of seeing the location of files on your Mac. Disk space will slowly start to disappear as you use your Mac, daisy disk is a great way of seeing where it goes.


Apple Macs make your productive. You don’t have to spend ages, clicking, sort or doing pointless things to get the job done. Therefore, as an extension to the base operating system I recommend Pages, Numbers and Keynote, as recommended apps for your system. They are the Word, Excel and Powerpoint of the Mac world and are getting better with every release. If you want the mac way of working, these three apps are what you need.

On the productivity line I also recommend Clear. It is a too do app, which allows you to organise and sort your life out. For those people who don’t like the default reminders app, Clear is something that may interest them. I have reviewed this app previously.

List items are colour coded. And are interacted with trackpad gestures.


Although the Mac operating system seems to take care of the creative side with iPhoto, Garageband and the other suite of apps. It doesn’t have a raw image editor. The solution to this is Pixelmator. This is a design app, where you can design, draw and edit any image your want. It goes further than simply fixing up apps and allows you to design entirely new ones.

I also recommend colorstrokes. This is another image editing app which allows you to alter the colours of images, and alter them more than you can with something like iPhoto. It takes the image editing a bit further than iPhoto. I have previously reviewed this app and found it to be fun and interesting to use.

Highlighting a portion of this image with colour makes the car stand out.


One of the must have password tools is 1Password. It takes all the hassle out of remembering and choosing a password for the millions of websites and services that require them. It is a great way of storing passwords, and a great way of generating long and unique passwords for each website you visit. Although your Mac OS has keychain, which can store passwords, it doesn’t have the generating facility like 1Password does. This app also extends out on to your iOS device, another great feature.

I will be reviewing 1Password something in the next month, so stay tuned.


The last must have apps on this list are games. The offering of games on your Mac is rather poor. Therefore we need to improve it with some great apps. The first two I recommend is Cut The Rope and Angry Birds Star Wars.

Cut the rope is a cheeky little game where you have to cut the various pieces of rope, in the right order, so the little red treat swings and falls into the monsters mouth. Its a game of skill and thinking as one wrong move and the sweet falls off screen and the little monster goes hungry. I love this game and have a review here.

Angry Birds Star Wars, takes the great game of Angry Birds and makes it even more awesome by adding in some Star Wars elements. Its a mixture of awesome and amazing, as all of your favourite Star Wars characters are in the game. With some unique characters and birds, this makes the game really fun to play. I love this app and you can find my review of it here.

Angry Birds are in Star Wars, and its great.


There are plenty of other apps available for your Mac. However, I think these apps should be the first ones you download.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.


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