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Ten Top Gadgets For Your Mac


Your Mac is awesome and Apple provide many gadgets and accessories to help you expand it functionality. I have previously posted about some great accessories you can buy for your Mac. This is along the same vain, but is all about gadgets and gizmo’s other people make that can be used with your Mac. There are plenty out there. I have posted my top ten gadgets which I think are both practical and fun. If you have a favourite I would love to hear about it. There is no particular order to the list.

Mobee Induction Charger

Wireless mice and keyboards are great. No need for wires, but the fact that you need to replace the batteries every couple of week does get annoying. Although you could use rechargeable’s its more fun to use induction. Invented by Michael Faraday,the Mobee Induction charger and battery use electromagnetic induction to charge the mouse, or keyboard, wirelessly. No need for wires. Artwizz Induction Charger is a similar product. I think they are an ace idea, although some kinks do need to be worked out.

Use the power of induction to charge your mouse

Use the power of induction to charge your mouse

Silver Hiddenradio Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers for iPhones and other devices can be a bit clunky, Hiddenradio Bluetooth Speakers is a smaller speaker with a 360 degree speakers, making it project your music around the room. By lifting the cap you turn the music on, lift it further and the volume increases. I like this gadget, because it looks really cool and the lifting cap to change the volume seems very sci-fi.

A modern bluetooth speaker to make your songs heard.

A modern bluetooth speaker to make your songs heard.

External Hard Drives

Although not the coolest of gadgets, external hard drives are become better and bigger. The newest thunderbolt drives from Western Digital come in sizes up to 6TB, which is massive. Other brands such as Seagate are more portable, and offer decent sizes. The advantage of thunderbolt is that it is very fast. Ministations by Buffalo are cheaper but just as good.

PlugBug Duel Chargers

My house is full of chargers, I have chargers for this, chargers for that. Although I use extension bricks to get them into one neat mess, the PlugBug takes this a step further and allows you to combine your iPhone/iPad charger with your MacBooks. It is designed so your laptop charger plugs into the device where you can then plug your iPhone into the PlugBug and charge your Mac and laptop at the same time. It combines chargers and is great if you want to power both devices in one go.


Charging your Mac and iPhone at the same time with one device.

Charging your Mac and iPhone at the same time with one device.

BookBook Hardbook Leather Case

Laptop cases can be boring. However, the BookBook hard book case makes this far more interesting. It is a normal laptop case, however the exterior looks like hard book case, both vintage and unique.

Twelve South BackPack Adjustable Shelf

If are lucky enough to have both a MacBook and a iMac you may find it difficult to store both, especially if you have limited space. The Twelve South BackPack adjustable shelf allows you to place your mac within a hands reach of your mac.

Bluetooth Keypad

Another simple gadget, useful if you have a lot of numerical entries, but don’t need a full size mac keyboard. This little keypad offers the ability to have the the side keypad you are normally used to but all on its own.

HoverBar iMac iPad Holder

If you have an iPad and want it displayed next to your iMac you need the Twelve South HoverBar. It allows you to place your iPad next to your iPad. Excellent if you need to cross reference from your iPad or want to read from it at the same time. Its like a mini display.

A cool way of holding your iPad

A cool way of holding your iPad

Hyperjuice External Battery

If you don’t have any power source to hand and really need to charge your MacBook you need an external battery. The Hyperjuice external battery is designed to give you more power when you need it most. Although you do need to carry it around, having that bit of power when you need it may be all you need. It allows you to charge for 26 hours, which is plenty of time to find a wall plug.

Nest Thermostat

One of the coolest thermostats on the market. The Nest thermostat allows you to program and control your houses heating in a far more modern way. By linking with your Mac and iPhone you can control your heating from your Mac. I think all new houses should come with them.

A modern, sleek way of control your houses heating.

A modern, sleek way of control your houses heating.


There are many gadgets out there. If you have any cool ones please leave a comment.

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