Unclutter Your Mac With Unclutter App 2


Unclutter Your Mac With Unclutter App


Sometimes you just need to clean your desk so you can see the wood that everything is being piled on top of. Sometimes you Mac gets like this, you can have files here, files there, many Finder windows open, every so often you just need to cut through the clutter. Unclutter app, developed by the same guys that made Daisy Disk which I have previously reviewed, have developed an app to store and unclutter your life. Its a simple app that exists in the little space above your menu bar, allowing you to store files and notes and store them temporary before you find a use for them.

Unclutter Your Life

Unclutter is designed as a little area to store files and notes before you find a proper place for them. Most people use their desktop to store these files, however before long this area ends up full of files. Unclutter app is designed as a temporary storage area for these types of files. It has a small area dedicated to your clipboard, one for files and a third for notes. To access this magical area you move your mouse up to the top of the screen, and then scroll down. This area then appears.

This little bar can store some might stuff.

This little bar can store some might stuff.

The three areas are very useful. For example, the files section is a great holding area for a file you have yet to find a location for. You drag and drop it into this area and it stays there until you find a location for it. Even though the files are stored in this area, it doesn’t mean they can’t be useful. Each file can be used and access like any other file, for instance you can double click on the file to open it, or press the space bar to activate quicklook.

One of the interesting ways this app works is the method of activating it. It seems intuitive when you think about it, you move up to the top of the screen and then scroll down. Once you get the hang of it you can quickly access this uncluttered area.

You can keep adding to the area. As you add more files, a scroll bar appears, although you can seemingly add as many files as you want, you ideally want to keep the files you store to a minimum.


This app is great. Unclutter, is a simple, cheap and works very well with your Mac. Like the previous apps by these developers it works very well, looks good and is, ultimately, useful.

You can get this app on the app store. I recommend it.

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