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Have iOS Style Copy and Paste On Your Mac


If you have an iPhone or iPad, or any iOS device, when you select a piece of text and hold your finger down a small bubble will pop up with options to copy, cut and depending on the text box, paste. This is actually quite useful once you get a hang of it. Today’s post is going to show you how to replicate this functionality with a cool little app called PopClip. This app, however does even further and adds more functionality to your Mac.

Getting The Functionality

PopClip is a small utility which you can find on the app store. Once you have downloaded and installed the app you get a small pop up bubble every time you select text. These small option, that appear above the text you have selected allow you to copy, cut or paste text you have stored on your clipboard.

This little text bubble appears when you select text.

This little text bubble appears when you select text.

Its small, unobtrusive and very useful. Every time you select text, or enter in a text box, you get these options. After a couple of minutes of using the app, you soon become used to having this little bubble here. It makes using you Mac quicker and easier. You no longer have to use the menubar, or a keyboard shortcut, to perform an action.

Extending Functionality

This app is more than just a small bubble that appears when you select text. It also extends its functionality. For example, if you select a word you get an option to look it up in a dictionary. Selecting an email address will allows you open Mail with one click. A very interesting feature is if you spell a word wrong, it will offer you alternative spelling.

PopClip is more than just a copy and paste wizard.

PopClip is more than just a copy and paste wizard.

If you want to go even further I recommend you check out the extension page. You can add in extensions to capitalise words, calculate basic equations, search for words on Amazon, Wikipedia and a manner of other sites. There is also options to Tweet text, or add reminders. There are many apps. These extensions are also free, meaning you can add a lot of functionality and make the app really, really, useful to use.

There are many free extensions.

There are many free extensions.

The image above shows the list above, you can extend the list with up to twenty other extensions. It takes the app from being useful, to being nearly indispensable.


PopClip, is more than just a useful app. It quickly becomes a very useful app. The bubble functionality of the iOS is just the start, the added functionality with extensions makes it really useful. I have been using it a week or so and it has become indispensable.

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