Outline Your Projects and Ideas With Tree App 0


Outline Your Projects and Ideas With Tree App


A good plan is always essential. I like to flesh out my ideas to ensure I think of everything and in the process I normally come up with more ideas and a better plan. If you want to do this on your Mac I recommend a Mac App called Tree. It is designed to help you build on your ideas. You start with your initial starting point and develop each branch. Like a tree you and more and more branches, with each branch representing a point in your plan with many sub branches coming off this. Its a great way seeing your entire idea and all of the sub points.

Planting Your Idea Seed

Tree is a horizontal out liner for your ideas. You start with your initial idea, your plan of action. Then you add a item, a branch to your idea.This could be the first chapter in your new book, your first action for your research project, anything your can think of. Then, like a growing tree, you add a sub branch, fleshing out your idea. You can keep adding more branches and more sub branches. An like a glorious tree your idea comes to life.

With on initial branch, your tree comes to life.

With an initial branch, your tree comes to life.

This app is very simple, but highly useful. If you start with your idea, you can quickly and easily expand by adding items and children to these items. Each item, for example item 1.4 in the screenshot, can have a sub item, each sub item can have its sub item. This means you idea can logically build.

You can add as many children and items as  you want. It is a really quickly and simple way to build ideas and see them visually. I can see where I would need to expand on idea, where a lot of work may be needed if I put this plan into action.

A list of items to work with.

A list of items to work with.

Tree app, will now generate a list of items which you can tick off and work through. You can also add notes to each item. For example, if you want to flesh out an idea a bit more you add a note, this is a longer piece of text which you can write a longer paragraph on what you think.


Tree is very useful. I wish it was around when I was writing my reports at university, it would have saved a lot of paper. It is very simple to write what you want, and it only takes a click to build upon a point. You can have points after point to develop and think your project through. With the addition of colours and notes you can have a fully laid out idea within minutes.

This app takes no time at all to learn and once you start using it, you will never need to go back to an other app.

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