Speeding Up Your Mac By Cleaning Up Unnecessary Files 1


Speeding Up Your Mac By Cleaning Up Unnecessary Files


Your Mac has many built in features to help it run smoothly and efficiently. However, over time it will build up caches and logs of various files that you really don’t need. Removing them will allow you to speed up your Mac, remove disk space and have an efficient running Mac. I am going to use a popular piece of software called CleanMyMac, this piece of software will allow you to remove the unnecessary junk from your Mac.

Cleaning Your Mac

Cleaning up system files used to be a manual job. You would have to find every file and folder you didn’t want, delete them and then clear the Trash. This can take a long time. However, if you download CleanMyMac, it can do this for you. Once you have downloaded the app you can scan your Mac for all of the stuff you don’t need.

Once you have hit the scan button, CleanMyMac will find all of the files you don’t need. For example it will find all the cache files you don’t need. Although cache files are designed to speed up your Mac. If you cache is old, it can actually hinder performance. This is due to your Mac having to figure out which part of the cache file is relevant. Every so often it is worth deleting the cache and starting again.

The app will also allow you to delete development files and universal binaries. Some developers leave behind various files that are not needed any more. By deleting them means you can speed up the loading of various apps into memory.

Clean up your Mac, delete system files that you don't need.

Clean up your Mac, delete system files that you don’t need.

Clean My Mac, will also allow you to remove language files, if you don’t speak a certain language there is no point have the language file included on your Mac.

Cleaning up your Mac is rather simple. I run the app once a month. As a result it keeps my Mac running smoothly. There is no point in having system files on your system that you don’t use.


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