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Always Show Scroll Bars In Mountain Lion


When Apple updated Mountain Lion they changed the behaviour of the scroll bars. They changed the way they look and the way you interact with them. By default they are hidden until you begin to scroll. This can be quite annoying, especially if you want to use the scroll bar to jump to a specific place. This quick tip will show you how to change the way scroll bars behave. It will allow you to return, in some form, to a previous method of scrolling.

The scroll bar behaviour is altered using a system preference option. These are found within Applications > Utilities > System Preferences. Within system preferences select the General option. You will notice there are some options regarding scroll bar behaviours.

You can modify the way scroll bars behave within Mountain Lion.

You can modify the way scroll bars behave within Mountain Lion.

The top options, will change the scroll bar behaviour depending on your mouse of trackpad setup. These option is very similar to the second option “When Scrolling”. The third option however, “Always” will show the scroll bar all the time. If you select this option the scroll bars, as the option suggests, will always be shown. Its a simple option but allows you to see the scroll bars within Mountain Lion.

This option will also allow you to set the second set of options. If you like the way scroll bars work by moving to where you clicked, having them always visible will allow you to work more efficiently.

I prefer scroll bars hidden, as it makes the windows cleaner and less cluttered. However, I do see the advantage of always having them visible.

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