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Convert Audio And Video Files Using QuickTime


With the advent of the internet there is a variety of different video and audio files and formats. Most of the time these files and formats will play on your Mac, however iTunes and your iOS device may not play them. What we need to do is convert the video or audio file from one format to another. One of the best tools is actually installed on your Mac in the form of QuickTime. You do need to upgrade to the Pro version, however it is certainly worth it if you use the app frequently.

Converting Files

Quicktime is easy to use, after all it is an Apple app. Open the app located in Applications > Utilities. Within the app open the file you want to convert from the File > Open menu.

With the file open, hit the play button within the app to ensure the video plays. Sometimes Quicktime will open the file, but it will have problem playing the video or audio file. We now need to convert the file. This is done using the Export menu located under File.

Within this window you can select the multitude of options for exporting the audio or video file. If you are exporting audio, select one of the audio options. If you are exporting video you can select one of the video options. If you are converting a video to work within iTunes, you can either select one of the inbuilt options, or select MPEG-4. The file format avi also works well.

There are many options to convert video and audio.

There are many options to convert video and audio.

Once you have selected the format you want, AVI of MPEG-4 is suitable. When you have selected the format you want to select to hit the options button. This will allow you to change the many options to get the correct format and the most efficient file size.

For instance you can change the size of the video so you can down convert files to a small size. Depending on the video format you can also change the key frame. The more frequent the key frame the easier it is to scroll through a video.

Change the file options to get the best settings.

Change the file options to get the best settings.

When you have finished tweaking the settings. Hit the save button. It will then export the file to the selected format. Depending on the size of the file and the format you are converting it too it could take from a few minutes to an hour. Your Mac will run at full power to help you save some time and cut through the frames.

Quicktime is a good way to convert files, especially if you have files in a format that will not play on your iOS device or iTunes. You can always use the most recent settings within Quicktime so converting new files shouldn’t take that long.

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