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Icomania – Guess The Word – A Fun iOS App


I like really fun iPhone or iPad apps. The best ones are fun, simple to use and best of all free. Today I am going to give you a quick review of a game that I have being playing for the last couple of days.  Its called Icomania, its a game in which you have to guess what the simple, iconic imagery is showing you. It starts off simple, and mostly obvious, but as you move through the game it gets more and more difficult, as the clues become more complex, and the items you are guessing more obscure.

Whats That Reference?

Icomania, is a simple game. You are given an image, fourteen letters, and clue to what you are guessing; such as a city, person, movie or brand. You then have to use your brain to guess what the image is referencing. For example if you are given an image of a blue sword blade that resembles a light saber, the clue of ‘TV & Movies’ and the space for eight letters, the answer you would guess would be Star Wars. You then tap on each letter to spell out your guess. If you are correct you move onto the next level. If you are incorrect you keep guessing until you get it correct.

With the iconic lightsaber, the guess would be 'Star Wars'

With the iconic lightsaber, the guess would be ‘Star Wars’

If you get stuck you have a couple of options to help you find the correct answer. You will notice on the right hand side of the images there are two green buttons. The first button will place one of the letters from your little board into the correct position. The second will remove incorrect letters from the list. The former is very useful since it places letters in the correct place and you can usually guess the answer, working from these letters.

There are many levels and questions which are asked.

There are many levels and questions which are asked.

In total there are 200 levels which you can play through. Some of them are really quick to guess as you immediately recognise the brand or person. The harder ones are usually the people, or brands you don’t normally come across. Even then you are scratching your head as you convince yourself that you have seen the logo somewhere. One of the biggest problems I found was spelling the name correctly.

Icomania, is a fun game. Its free, simple to play and great fun. Its a game you can finish quite quickly, but if fun for the morning commute. Over time the creators will add more levels.

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