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Stop Notification Centre Messages


Notification Centre is a new (ish) feature found in the latest version of Mountain Lion. Its a great way of receiving notifications from apps about various updates. Mail uses this system quite elegantly to tell that I have received a new email message. It can, however, be quite annoying especially if an app spams the notification centre, or you just don’t want to receive notifications any more. This tip is going to show you how to turn off the notification centre messages for various apps.

Turning Off Notification Centre Messages

To turn off a notification centre message open System Preferences found in your Applications folder. In the top right corner there should be a preference pane entitled Notifications.

This preference pane controls notification centre and all of the apps that run or interact with it. Using the left hand side list, scroll down to the app you want to receive notification centre messages from. For example I want to disable calendar notifications centre message as I find them annoying. The same can be done for Mail, Twitter, Safari any of the apps within the list.

When you click on an app within the list, you will be given three options in how the messages are displayed. None, Banners or Alerts. To turn off messages select the option of None.

Select 'None' to turn off notification centre messages.

Select ‘None’ to turn off notification centre messages.

Now an app will not be displayed within the notification centre. Simply go down the list and select the alert style you wish to see for each application. It is that simple.

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