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15 Automator Services You Can’t Live Without 0


15 Automator Services You Can’t Live Without

Automator is a powerful tool. It can do just about anything and allows you to program functions and applications quickly and easily with little programming knowledge. One of the coolest features of Automator is the ability to build Services which are accessible from the menu bar or the right click menu. Services allow you to run Automator workflows at the click of a button, speeding up the way your work and doing cool things in the process. Today’s post is a comprehensive list of a variety of different Services built upon Automator that you can build and implement yourself.

Change & Alter Siri Commands To Fix Mistakes 0


Change & Alter Siri Commands To Fix Mistakes

Siri is a powerful that allows you ask your iPhone or iPad a question or command and receive a response. It makes using your iOS device a lot simpler, and allows you to find the answers to complex questions quickly. The problem with Siri is that is uses voice recognition, a problem if it cannot understand you or are speaking in an environment which distorts the sounds. Today’s, simple, trick is going to show you how to edit a Siri command and re-submit it. This allows you to resend the correct command and hopefully receive the response you require.

Search The Current Folder In Finder 0


Search The Current Folder In Finder

When you use spotlight search within Finder it will search through every single folder on your Mac. This is very useful, however as your Mac grows and the number of files and folders increase this can cause a little problem. Simple spotlight search will return hundreds of results. The tip I am going to show you today is how to limit the number of results to the current folder you are searching in. This means when you have a Finder window open it will only search through that folder. This is more useful. You can at any point search through every folder in your Mac.

Change The Default Finder Window Location 0


Change The Default Finder Window Location

Every time you open a new Finder window from the menu bar or using the shortcut Command + N it will display a certain folder. This is the same folder every time you use the command. This can be a very useful location like the root of your hard drive, or your documents folder. However, if you don’t use these folders or it have been set to an obtuse folder it can be difficult to use, or very annoying. This can easily be changed to something more useful.

Protect Your Time Machine Backups By Encrypting Them 0


Protect Your Time Machine Backups By Encrypting Them

Security is very important on your Mac. Your data is also very important and you don’t want it falling into the wrong hands. By encrypting your data you can ensure that it is more difficult to get the actual files. You can encrypt your Mac’s hard drive, why not apply the same rules to your Time Machine backup drive. It is a very simple process to implement and gives you that piece of mind to ensure that your data is safe.

11 To Ways To Automate Your Daily Life 0


11 To Ways To Automate Your Daily Life

Your Mac does a lot of background task without you having any input. Time Machine for example, backs up on its own and will continue to do so until the disk is full. This article is going to show you a variety of different methods and tools which you can use to automate the other parts of your life. For example, if you find yourself repeatedly doing the same task every Wednesday at 4:32pm, it may be worth automating this. This list comprises of the simple methods, which most people will employ to the more complicate which involve a little bit of time to set up. I have listed the top methods which I use, however there are many other ways. If you have a suggestion please leave a comment.

Set IPv6 Networking Off In Mountain Lion 1


Set IPv6 Networking Off In Mountain Lion

Yesterday I posted about various Mac security improvements you can make to your Mac. Today’s is a post about turning off IPv6 and the security improvements it can make. IPv6 is a protocol that allows your Mac to communicate with other computers. It is soon going to replace the existing IPv4. IPv6 may allow rogue applications to communicate with out you being aware of it. It can essentially piggy back on your network without you knowing. This post is going to show you how to turn this service off.

12 Security Tips For Your Mac 1


12 Security Tips For Your Mac

Security should be very important. Although your Mac’s operating system is generally very secure, there are things you can do to make sure you have a locked down system. These tricks and tips are not going to disable you system so you can’t use it. They are every day tips which you should be following to ensure you don’t leave any back doors inadvertently open. If you don’t apply them all it doesn’t matter however the more you apply the more secure your system will be. If you have any addition please leave them in the comments.

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