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Change Mountain Lions Notification Center Background


If you have being following this site recently we have been changing the backgrounds / wallpapers of a both Mission Control and Dashboard. Today we are going to change another background, Notification Centre. Apple likes the brushed aluminium look, however it does get a little bit boring, by replacing the background with something we like, it is easy to inject a bit of colour and life into the app. It doesn’t take long to change the background.

Changing Notification Centres Background

The first step is to find a wallpaper that you like, you can either have a repeating background or a single image. If you pick a single image, Notification Centre will automatically frame the image to the top left corner. You can shape the image to size, which depends on your screen size. The larger the image the better, and having one which is dark is preferable.

Once you have you image, save it out as linen.tiff. It must be saved with that file name and file format. Use Preview save as feature to save it out as a tiff.

Open Finder and use the Go > Go To Folder option to enter the following path.


Within the folder you will find a file called linen.tiff, copy this to your desktop and append backup to the file name. This is so we can save the file as a backup, and at the same time avoid having to authenticate to many times.

The penultimate step is to copy both linen.tiff and the backup file you just created of the original image to the resources folder we just opened. Your Mac will ask you to authenticate as you are altering a system file. Enter you password.

The final step is to restart Notification Centre. The quickest way is to open Activity Monitor in your Utilities folder, select Notification Centre and quit the process. When you open Notification Centre again the background will have changed.

Within two minutes you can change the background. It takes longer to find the image you want to use.

Within two minutes you can change the background. It takes longer to find the image you want to use.

You want to use this trick, the best image is one that dark. A light image will wash out the white text and you will have trouble reading what it says. If you want to reverse this command, simply use the backup linen file that you saved.

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