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Search The Current Folder In Finder


When you use spotlight search within Finder it will search through every single folder on your Mac. This is very useful, however as your Mac grows and the number of files and folders increase this can cause a little problem. Simple spotlight search will return hundreds of results. The tip I am going to show you today is how to limit the number of results to the current folder you are searching in. This means when you have a Finder window open it will only search through that folder. This is more useful. You can at any point search through every folder in your Mac.

Changing Finder To Search The Current Folder

To change the spotlights search properties is very simple. Within Finder go to Finder > Preferences. This will open up the preferences for Finder. Select the Advance tab. \

Within the tab you will notice an option which states “When performing a search”. Change this drop down option from “Search This Mac” to “Search The Current Folder”.

A simple preference change can how spotlight searches.

A simple preference change can how spotlight searches.

When you search in a folder now, it will only return results from that folder.

Note that if the folder you are searching through has sub folders, it will also search through those folders.

It is only a simple tip, however one that is very useful and can complete change the way you search.

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